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Environmental Task Force

Information for Task Force Area Coordinators – Zone Coordinators – District Coordinators

A Task Force is an action group of experienced Rotarians, appointed by the Rotary International President, to help clubs and districts achieve specific operational and service objectives Remember these points:

· Action oriented to achieve specific goals

· Composed of experienced Rotarians

· A resource of ideas and suggestions to help clubs and districts

A Few Basic Observations for all Coordinators

1. The Task Forces are a fairly new form of proactive Rotary service. There are not clearly defined steps to take Each Task Force must be creative in collecting information, workable activities, practical illustrations, promotional materials and other useful resources that will help Rotary Clubs to become more involved in projects and activities. Each Task Force should become a clearing house of good ideas and practical suggestions.

2. The Task Forces will be available to help, only if a Club or District invites them to assist. If a Club or District does not wish to use a Task Force – that is their choice.

3. it is quite possible that all Districts and all Clubs will not be interested in the work of all 20 Task Forces. Districts will be asked to “pick and choose” those of interest.

4. The work of the Task Forces closely follows the theme for 2000-2001: “Create Awareness and Take Action.” In many instances, Task Force members’ first task will be to “Create Awareness” of major issues in their community or in the world which need attention. If Rotarians are unaware of major problems, it is unlikely that they will be concerned enough to “Take Action”.

5. Once Rotarians are aware of issues or challenges, then it become much easier to promote projects and action programs to meet the challenges.

Job for Area Coordinators

· The six area coordinators for each Task Force (representing Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Sough Pacific) will work closely with the Task Force Chairman and Vice-Chairman in promoting the goals of each Task Force.

· They will keep in touch with the Zone Coordinators in their Area to know what is happening within their part of the world in regard to the Task Force.

· They may be called upon to report to Rotary Institutes, participate in workshops, and in other ways promote the work of the Task Force.

· For those attending the Buenos Aires Convention, members are urged to participate in the Task Force Informational Booths.

Job for Zone Coordinators

· Each Task Force has at least one Coordinator from each of the 34 Rotary Zones.

· Ten of the Task Forces have 2 Coordinators from each Zone.

· The Zone Coordinators will be expected to be in contact with the District Task Force Coordinator in the Districts within their Zone.

· The Zone Coordinators will collect practical information, ideas, illustrations and successful experiences of other Clubs and Districts to share when called upon, or to make presentations at seminars, institutes and workshops.

· They will urge District leaders to keep in touch with the work of the Task Forces through the Rotary, Devlyn, and Task Force web sites.

· Quarterly reports will be expected as a means of keeping Rotary International leaders informed about Task Force activity.

· Communicating and sharing information about successful projects is greatly encouraged among Zone coordinators.

· For those attending the Buenos Aires Convention, members are urged to participate in the Task Force Informational Booths.

Job for District Task Force Coordinators

· The District Task Force Coordinator is the primary district leader in contact with Task Forces Zone Coordinators.

· The District Task Force Coordinator should be fully aware of which of the 20 Task Forces are of special interest to their District and serve as the liaison with the District Governor and district committees.

· A District may wish to establish an “action plan” for using a Task Force.

· The Coordinator should explain the concept in District newsletters and other communications that “Task Forcers are a new Rotary Resource to help Clubs become more proactive.”

· The District Coordinator will assist Club leaders in seeking ideas, information, and other resources necessary to “Create Awareness” of problems and challenges and to promote activities to “Take Action.”

· The District coordinator will also assist, as needed, in setting up special workshops, seminars or other informational and training meetings related to Task Forces.

· The District Coordinator will also promote the work and understanding of Task Forces at District Assemblies and Conferences.
Contact Information
Francisco Creo
Environmental Task Force Chairman
Email: fcreo@telnor.net
FAX: + 52 6 178 6250